A Lamb’s Wool Duster With A Knotted Hand Grip

A lamb's wool duster covered in Turk's Heads and 1 Gaucho knot.

A lamb's wool duster covered in Turk's Heads and 1 Gaucho knot.

This is the third piece in the series of inexpensive lamb’s wool dusters we bought as gifts. The original handles were plastic tubing of about 3/8″ diameter. They were a little limp … and a little tacky. The whole package of them was quickly tapped out as victims to be sacrificed to the Gods Of Knots And Cords. The overall bindings not only stiffened the tubing, but made them look much better.

This victim was sacrificed by being coverd in these knots:

First, the whole handle was covered in a 2 bight Turk’s Head knot. This stiffened the handle a surprising amount. Its real purpose, hiding the handle, became of equal importance. There is no way to count the leads, and no way I’m going to remember. One of these days I’ll start writing this stuff down …. one of these days.

The left end of the handle is capped with an 8 Lead X 7 Bight Turk’s Head, tied in paracord.

There is a 3″ section of the 2 Bight Turk’s Head exposed.

The first knot in the collection of knots that form the moused-out part of the handle is a Turk’s Head knot. It is tied in a utility cord of slightly larger diameter than paracord. It also has a slightly softer feel. The knot is of 6 Leads X 7 Bights.

In between the last knot and the largest knot which comes next is a single loop of cord which supports the Button knot.

The largest knot has a mouse under it made of other Turk’s Heads, as per my usual method. The knot is a Gaucho knot of 2 passes, also tied in the utility cord.

The knot that caps the end of the handle is a Turk’s Head of 5 Leads and 4 Bights, tied in the utility cord.

Between the last 2 knots, and serving to dress up the seam, is a Turk’s Head of 7 Leads X 8 Bights. This knot is also tied in the utility cord.

The last 2 knots also serve as a reinforcement for the end loop on the handle. In the process of tying the knots on these involuntary victims, I discovered that it was only a loose press fit. If you applied just a little force in the right way it popped off.

The loop of paracord is actually anchored under the mouse which supports the Gaucho knot. The ends of the loop are joined with a Fisherman’s bend.

This binding in celebration of the Gods should last the lifetime of the duster. Perhaps now I can wash the woad out of my navel.

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