A Lamb’s Wool Duster With A Handle Improved By Adding Turk’s Head Knot Variants

A wool duster handle covered in Turk's Head variants.

A wool duster handle covered in Turk's Head variants.

This is the 4th piece in the collection of wool dusters bound for service as gifts. We bought them at the clearance link from a site we were shopping on, figuring that the inexpensive dusters would make good gifts for small occasions. The handles proved less than impressive, so it wasn’t hard to convince My Lady Rose to permit me to sacrifice them to the Gods Of Knots And Cords. This duster will now spend its life in permanent bondage to appease the Gods.

The first knot I tied on this was the bi-color Pineapple knot. The base Turk’s Head is a 13 Lead X 4 Bight knot, one of my standards. One of its virtues is that it will close down on a small diameter object without looking crowded. This knot will close over a sphere leaving only a small dot at the poles.

The rest of the handle was then covered in a Turk’s Head of 2 Bights, doubled. I don’t remember the Lead count, and can’t see to count them now.

The left end of the handle is dressed with a Turks Head variant of over 2, under 2 weave. It counts out to have a 8 Leads X 7 Bights, tied in doubled paracord.

The large knot on the other end is Turk’s Head of 9 Leads X 4 Bights, doubled. This is tied over another Turk’s head of unknown count, which acts as a mouse.

The loop is anchored under the final Turk’s Heads, and acts to hold the plastic loop on the end of the handle. This loop is a loose press fit and will come off unexpectedly. The ends of the loop are joined with a Chinese Button knot.

After all the knots on these dusters the Gods must be happy. If not, maybe the next duster sacrificed on their alter will do it.

Thank you for dropping by. Come back again:

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