A Jar With A Green Stripe and Turk’s Head Knots

Turk's Heads and a Pineapple interweave cover a jam jar.

Turk's Heads and a Pineapple interweave cover a jam jar.

Look …. it isn’t a hot sauce bottle! This is a change for all of us. It is nice to have a different size and shape victim to sacrifice to the Gods Of Knots.

The knots on this unwilling object of involuntary service to the Gods are:

From the top … a 3 Lead X 8 Bight Turk’s Head, tripled in green paracord.

Another 3 Lead X 8 Bight Turk’s Head knot, this one was tied in white utility cord. Then it was given a Pineapple interweave in green utility cord. This makes for a nice undulating green stripe. This ended up being the feature which strikes my eye first when I look at it, ergo the title.

The wide white band in the center of the bottle is a Turk’s Head knot of 13 Leads X 12 Bights, in the now infamous — soon to be notorious — paracord.

Lastly, at the bottom of the pile is a Turk’s Head in green paracord. The count on this knot is 5 Leads X 14 Bights, doubled.

When I made the Pineapple interweave which forms the green stripe, it was on a lark. I had never made an interweave on a 3 Lead Turk’s Head knot before. It turns out to make a handsome knot, to me the best on this jar. I shall use this trick again — it is in my kit, right next to the Turk’s Head rose.

I am glad you dropped by to see my sacrifice to the Gods. Come back again after I have doused the fire and mopped up. See you next time:


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