Hot Sauce Bottle # 3, Covered In Turk’s Head Variants

Hot sauce bottle # 3, covered in Turk's Head variants.

Hot sauce bottle # 3, covered in Turk's Head variants.

I originally numbered only the medicine bottles. I realized there was no way that I was going to keep inventing names which both described the bottles and enabled you to tell them apart. The only sensible answer seemed to be to number them as well. They are numbered in a different series than the medicine bottles — and please remember that there was a string of hot sauce bottle with names, but not numbers, that preceded these bottles.

Now back to our heroic bottle of the day.

The knots on this bottle are:

The lid has a Turk’s Head of 5 Leads X 9 Bights, in green paracord.

Just under the lid is a jug / jar sling knot — ABOK # 2554 for those of you playing along with the home game. The ends on one of the loops are tied with a double sheet bend ABOK # 1434.

The knot below this is a Spanish Ring Knot of 2 passes.

The knot on the shoulders of the bottle is a green Turk’s Head of 10 Leads X 9 Bights. This supports a Pineapple interweave of unusual specifications. The interweave goes only partially up the Turk’s Head. The top few leads of the knot were left out of the Pineapple knot so that the taper could follow the curve of the bottle without crowding. This is an idea stolen from the Lone Star knot of Bruce Grant’s book. It is a neat trick, and found a place in my kit after the first time I tried it.

The first knot on the main body of the bottle is a Turk’s Head knot of 5 Leads X 4 Bights, tripled in white paracord. The edges are worked to give a straight edge rather than a Turk’s Head’s usual lobes. This lets the knot lie closer to its neighbors without crowding or gaps. All in all, the bold looking weave combined with the edge treatment make this a very handsome knot.

The green knot below this is a Herringbone knot that counts out at 12 Leads X 11 Bights. I count these just as I would a Turk’s Head. Is this the proper way to specify them? Beats me, but it is the only way I know to do it after the fact.

Below this is a Spanish Ring knot in white paracord.

The bi-color knot at the bottom of the bottle is a Gaucho knot. The base Turk’s Head is a 7 Lead X 6 Bight knot. I do like the look of the vertical zig-zags.

When it is all put together it makes for a nice bottle — perhaps not my best, but nice.

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