A Lamb’s Wool Duster With A Handle Improved By Turk’s Head Variants

A Lamb's wool duster with knotwork handle that greatly improves the whole.

A Lamb's wool duster with knotwork handle that greatly improves the whole.

This is piece 2 out of 6 in the inexpensive dusters as gifts collection. I found this 6 pack of dusters on a web site while buying something else. Hooray for thinking to check the clearance page on the way to the checkout page. In the days when we shopped at brick and mortar stores, they had a sale table somewhere.  Same idea  — this is just handier — and in 15 minutes we can check the sale table at 30 of our favorite stores.

To get back on the proper bearing to my selected port, these were bought to be used as gifts, they were of decent quality, but not extraordinary. I thought that dressing them up with knots would make them classier gifts for little effort. The fact that the knots also greatly improve the function is an unplanned asset. As is my rule, if I have 6 things to knot on I try to make each of them different.

The knots on this on are:

The black knot is a Turk’s Head of 6 leads x 7 bights. This knot dressed the end of a 9 lead x 4 bight Turk’s Head, doubled.

The next Turk’s Head is 5 leads x 4 bights and the ends were left long to carry the Chinese button knot.

Spanish ring knot in black paracord dresses the end of a pineapple interweave, worked on a Turk’s Head of 12 leads x 7 bights.

The white knot which covers the end of the handle is 9 lead x 5 bight Turk’s Head, doubled, in white paracord.  That knot serves double duty — it dresses the end of the handle and also holds the little end cap in place.

The final knot is a 4 lead x 3 bight Turk’s Head, doubled, in green paracord.
The lanyard is a single strand of white paracord.  It took clever planning to engineer this arrangement so that it both looked good and reinforced the weakness in the handle.

You can see the original size of the handle where a small piece of it is exposed.  The knotting greatly increased the diameter of the handle, which made it more handsome, and provided stiffening and a much improved grip.

There are four more in the collection to follow.  Keep an eye out, and let me know which one is your favorite.

As always, thanks for coming to the parade ground, and come back again soon.



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