A Black Turk’s Head Knot Over A Wooden Ball Makes A Fine Key Fob

A Turk's Head variant tied over a 1" wooden ball.

A Turk's Head variant tied over a 1" wooden ball.

This is a piece made as a prototype for a floating key fob. It is tied over a 1″ wooden ball; enough to float a couple of keys but not a jail-keeper’s ring. If this had been the real thing I would have used a brighter color. I might also use polypropylene — it floats — and would help rather than hinder.

The knot is an 11 Lead X 10 Bight Turk’s Head variant of over 2 under 2 weave. Doubled in black paracord it covers most of the ball densely, but does not close over the ends. Where it gathers at the closing it gets very crowded. A different knot would be called for if this were being made for use. That is why I make prototypes to find out what will, and won’t, work. My only problem is, I like this knot — now I have another key fob. I have so many now I can change them for different occasions.

I learned to tie knots around boats and boaters. There is a reason everything on a boat has to be “ship-shape and sailor fashion”. At sea the smallest thing which fails could lead to a casualty of the ship or crew. Because of this I learned to tie knots like this tightly — very,very tightly. If you tap on the wooden part of this ball, and then the knot, they sound much alike. Not completely, but kin for sure. After the initial edge of the sound has passed, the body of the sound is the same, though on different notes. It is now a standing joke that people accuse me of being a wood carver instead of a knot tyer.

Other key fobs on my site are:

A simple key fob for an extra key.

A key fob made from a Gaucho knot of 2 passes tied over a wooden ball.

Thank you for dropping by my site. If you can see any way I can improve it so that you enjoy it, or find it more useful, let me know. Come back again, the parade of knots goes on:

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