Medicine Bottle #17, Covered In Turk’s Head Variants

Medicine bottle #17; Turk's Head variants provide the dressing.

Medicine bottle #17; Turk's Head variants provide the dressing.

This is a particularly tall, thin, medicine bottle. Because of this, it gives a different proportion to the knots. It was nice having a chance to try something decidedly unusual.

The knots are:

The lid is ringed with a Spanish Ring knot, of 1 pass, in black paracord. This makes the lid wider by about 50%, and increases the gripping friction.

The central knot is a green Turk’s Head, with a black Herringbone interweave. The base knot was of 9 Leads X 8 Bights. Both knots were done in the now infamous paracord.

The bottom knot is a Gaucho knot done in bi-color paracord. It looks so much thinner because the cord was gutted first.

All of this made a very thin bottle easier to hold, and open. I realize that child-proof tops serve a purpose. I dislike the fact that their major side effect is to be adult-resistant.

I greatly appreciate you coming to see my parade of knots. If you have any suggestions on how I can make your visits better, let me know. I am, after all, here to put on this show for your pleasure / edification. Wave the next time you see me marching past:


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