A Test Of A Turk’s Head Knot Over A Ball Will Make A Proper Christmas Ornament

A Turk's Head covers a tennis ball in an open weave.

A Turk's Head covers a tennis ball in an open weave.

I ran across something on the net about homemade Christmas Ornaments. It reminded me of this test piece I made to see if an open weave Turk’s Head would make a good base for ornaments / gifts. My thought was to use the open end of the knot to frame a decoration. The knot itself could act as a hanger. The open weave in a fancy cord, and over a contrasting fancy base color would provide the basic structure. After I had made this piece, it occurred to me that the base could be decorated to fit almost any occasion: Halloween, a birthday balloon, or whatever you need that month. This knot was made over a tennis ball — it’s fuzzy, and holds the cord well. The fact that it can flex allows you to work the knot more easily than on a wooden ball. To top all this off tennis balls are inexpensive — or free if you know a player. The better they play, the more often they retire balls. The Turk’s Head I used was an 11 Lead X 10 Bight knot; it worked well. The test seems to have proven the idea. Now if only I could think of a gift occasion that would be appropriate for giving a tennis ball in bondage — I already have one all tricked out.

Thank you for coming by my site. I will get back to more serious knotted things now, I promise. See you at the next parade day:

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  1. hellow

    i am new to the art of knoting and have gained a great interrest to me. i found this page while googleign and really must as for more details on how this was done i would love to make this.

    sincerly ken

    • Ken:

      First I would like to thank you for coming by my site, and especially for making a comment.

      The knot you asked about is a Turk’s Head, a very interesting family of knots. The best way to learn is by direct lessons from someone who knows how to tie them. The next best, in todays world, is by on-line tutorials.

      These sites have some great tutorials for a beginner; you can use the links on the right side of my blog:

      Golden Knots, is a site by Mr. Loren Damewood. Because he teaches workshops in Turk’s Heads tied in silver and gold he has developed a very accessible set of tutorials.

      Knot Heads World Wide: Is an excellent site with an outstanding community of knot tyers. They also have some fine tutorials.

      The Pineapple Knot Forum: Another superior site and community. They also have some tutorials that may help you learn.

      As to the tennis ball; I tie a lot of knots. So I am always looking for bases that will hold the knot, at an inexpensive price. Tennis balls, because they have a limited life, fall in this category. The texture holds the strands of the knot without slipping — and the flex means you can force a path where on a wooden ball you could not do so.

      I hope this helps, if you have any questions please ask. I will do what I can to help:

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