A Simple Key Fob For Simple Requirements, Made From Chinese Button Knots

Chines Button knots turn a length of paracord into a nice key fob.

Chines Button knots turn a length of paracord into a nice key fob.

After the unscheduled knotting study of yesterday, I thought I would put up one of my simpler projects. Mind you, it fills a practical need every day as opposed to one-use hats. So in a way it is of greater import to the world … or at least my world.

Today’s project is a key fob that is used only to hang an extra key from a hidden ring in our cabinetry. It only holds one key because we don’t want to have to go digging for the one key that rules them all in an emergency. Just take the one ring you need and no extras. This makes it easier / safer to grab it at a time that might be trying. Say little Jenny’s gotten caught in the hay baler and is going up the shoot. You need the one key … you need the only key … you don’t need the wrong key … you don’t need 13 extra keys, that you must try one after the other …only to find out you have the wrong batch of keys. The one key that doesn’t rule them all, but will kill the hay baler. So for this, a small one-key fob, that is easy to hang the key on its ring, a fob that easily buttons onto and off of the ring. Now it may not be the flashiest key fob in the world … but in my world function always aces form. If I can have both, I take both … but if I can have only one, I’ll take function every time. This is a simple key fob that works. I took a length of paracord and doubled it. Having left a short length to form a loop, I tied a Chinese button knot, single. I then left a short length of 2 strands to form the part which held the key and the wall ring. I tied a 2 strand Matthew Walker knot, doubled, leaving a short space for the loop to fit into. The last knot was another Chinese Button knot, doubled. I left the long tails on the last button knot so you could use them to help get the button through the loop. This is a great help, because when the button knot is in the loop there is no slack, it just fits with friction on all sides.If this were carried in your pocket / purse it wouldn’t do. Eventually the key would work its way out. Hanging on a ring inside a cabinet door, it is fine.

As always I await your comments. All thoughtful ideas to make better knots, or a better knot site are appreciated. See you next time at the parade:

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  1. I realize that key fobs really don’t have a purpose but I still see them as useful.
    I was wondering if the knots you put around the pill bottles had a “purpose” or if you were just doing it because you could.

    Also, I’ve seen a lot of bracelets and watch bands made with Para-Cord. The pictures abound on the net. Do you have any idea what the “Knots” or weave pattern in these are called and where would be a good site to learn to do this?

    Thank you

    • Irving:

      First I would like to thank you for dropping by, and leaving a comment. Yes, key fobs serve a purpose … or even more than one. Your question on the bracelets seems to have taken on its own life … too big for a comment, it is now a post, with several pictures. The answer is here … if I can help further, let me know.

      The knots on the medicine bottles serve multiple purposes also. I have a bed side table with my daily ration of pills in their bottles. Rather than try to fully wake up and read the label, it is easier to tell them apart by the knots. The knots also make it easier for me to open the devil-made child proof tops. After I am done with a bottle, I send them to a friend who works in a free meal service. The people who eat there don’t have much — these bottle are something they don’t see, and could never get. One of the reasons I make them all different in some little way is so that when they get that far, each can have one that is “theirs”. Sometimes it is the little things that count. Also after a hard and adventure-filled life my hands are far from perfect … doing a little knotwork every day means I don’t have to wake up to hands which are frozen in position for the first couple of hours. Mind you, my life was full of satisfaction and more fun than the law allows. You don’t alway get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get. If this is what I pay, its a fair bargain.

      Thank you again. Drop by when you can; I try to keep the parade moving:

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