A Rose Made Out Of Nested Layers Of Turk’s Heads

A rose made of nested Turk's Head knots.

A rose made of nested Turk's Head knots.

I got an e-mail asking for a top down view of the largest rose in my stem of roses. I originally made this as a decoration for a best hat contest for a Kentucky Derby party. This race being called “The Run For The Roses” made this idea pop up. The fact that the hat would be worn by My Lady Rose only enforced the idea.

These roses and foliage were made with cords only — no props or aids like glue / wire / stays. This self-imposed rule doesn’t improve the product for the average viewer — they don’t even know. It does make the work harder, and therefore more educational / entertaining for me. I made these by making a series of Turk’s Head knots, in increasing size. The knots were worked so that one edge was tightly closed. The other edge was open so that the inner knots would just fit. The little bit of yellow twine that stands in for pollen-bearing stamen also keeps them lined up, and to some degree fast together. A narrower Turk’s Head in green cord acts as the bud case, and is the fastening point for the stem. The leaves were done in short tapered lengths of sinnet in various strand counts. All of this went on a hat and tied into a hat band that braced it all.

I do not think this is the first time anyone thought of this — it seems a natural. I haven’t seen any mind you, but I don’t get out much. If you know of any method to improve this, I would greatly appreciate a comment. As always I thank you for stopping by my site:

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