A Turk’s Head Variant Styled After A Hat Band Made From A 7 Strand Braid

A Turk's Head variant of under 1, over 2. under 2, over 1. weave.

A Turk's Head variant of under 1, over 2. under 2, over 1. weave.

In a previous post, I showed a hat band made from a 7 strand sinnet. This was a new-to-me braid, of under 1, over 2, under 2, over 1, weave. I thought it made a handsome hat band because of the bold looking over 2, under 2, pattern on the centerline. While studying it, I decided it would also make a good looking knot.

I usually tie my knots like the boaters I learned from, sailor fashion. I tie them in hand, loosely, and slightly larger than needed. The knot is then put in its final home, and worked down tight. Because I did not have a pattern table in my head for this knot, it wouldn’t work this time. I do not usually use a mandrel — but I have been considering it. It seems like most  people who have a name in the knot world use them. But I didn’t have the mandrel or the pattern to follow. I tied this knot using the leather worker’s method espoused by Mr. Bruce Grant in his books on horse tack. It worked the first time, to my surprise, and satisfaction.

I present for your critique, my new-to-me knot. I still think the central weave pattern is handsome and bold looking. Because this knot isn’t large enough to see the length of braid visible in the hat band, it doesn’t stand out as much. But I still like it.

Let me know what you think. I appreciate thoughtful comments on my site, and my knots. Come back again; the parade of knots marches on:

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