A Lamb’s Wool Duster With A Knotted Hand Grip Of French Hitching And Turk’s Head Knots

A wool duster handle with a knotted hand grip.

A wool duster handle with a knotted hand grip.

I bought some inexpensive lamb’s wool dusters to be used as gifts. To make them more distinctive, and higher in perceived value, I knotted the handles. This is the first of the pictures. The original handle is a limber plastic tube of about 3/8″ diameter. The knots improved its strength as well as its looks. I have noticed this effect when I clap very tight knots on bottles. As near as I can figure, it works on the same physics as pre-stressed concrete. Because the handle is subject to so much equal stress from all directions, it can not easily deform to bend or break.

The knots on this duster are:

Starting from the left — a Gaucho knot with 8 Leads X 7 Bights, in green paracord.

The main part of the handle is covered in French / Grapevine hitching of 2 strands. The alternating color seems to makes it harder for most people to spot how it is done. They guess that the spiral wrap and the covering over the tube are separate parts, not two parts of one whole.

The large knot at the right end of the handle is a Turk’s Head of 12 Leads X 11 Bights, doubled, in green cord.

The real reason for the lanyard loop is that the end cap is just a friction fit. While putting on the hitching it came off, so I thought it needed reinforcement. The strands are anchored by a seizing under the end Turk’s Head. They are then led through the hole on the cap and knotted. Because the large Turk’s Head is tightened to my usual hard-as-wood specifications, it acts as a further binding.

Thank you for dropping by my site. If you have any insights on how to improve my knots I would like to hear them. See you next time:

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