Dress Hat Band Made From A Plaited Sinnet, A Boldly Defined Look In Classic Black

A plaited sinnet makes a bold and handsome hat band.

A plaited sinnet makes a bold and handsome hat band.

A plaited sinnet makes a bold and handsome hat band, close up detail.

A plaited sinnet makes a bold and handsome hat band, close up detail.

A few posts ago I showed you a new hat band I had
made so  I could have one with a classier look
than my bi-color eight strand sinnet. When watching
TV, I keep my hands and the unneeded portion of my
brain busy by playing with string. This semi-
mindless messing around is what I call
the “Monkey Method” of knot tying. It has allowed
me to figure out how to tie knots that I couldn’t
learn any other way. Every once in a while it lets
me discover how to make a new-to-me knot or braid.
On that day I came up with a seven strand sinnet of
under 1, over 2, under 2, over 1 weave. The count
works from either edge — the over 2, under 2  in
the center of the sinnet makes it look bolder than
most other braids of this width. At just under an
inch, and done in black, it fulfills my need for a
new and dressier hat band. Because the plait is
formed by an under 1, over 2 from alternating sides,
it builds quickly.

The only drawback to this plait is that there is
minimal inter-strand friction. This means your
fingers must supply the holding force to keep it
tightly woven while you work the strands.

The floor is still open for comment on how to make
a better looking hat band for dress occasions. I
like this one, but lacking other ideas, will wear
But I am not so conceited as to think I have
invented the ultimate braid — I leave that
distinction open for you to win. Let me know how
you think this hat band could be bettered, or
replaced with its better kin.

I greatly appreciate your visits / comments. Come
by again, and don’t feel shy about making a comment:

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