A Letter Opener With Turk’s Head Knots To Enlarge And Enhance The Grip

Turk's Head knots improve the form and function of a letter opener.

Turk's Head knots improve the form and function of a letter opener.

This is the last of my letter openers. It may say something that I have to have three of them — so I can find one of them. The knots are on there primarily to increase the diameter of the grip to fit my hand. Secondarily, they improve the looks — but you must remember I have a  dog in that fight. Last but not least, even if the first two reasons didn’t exist, some knots would still be there. I tie knots practically every day. Many of them are tied for practice — then untied, so I can reuse the cord. Some of them just seem too good to kill in their infancy. These are clapped on the first thing they seem to befit. Even with all these victims of sacrifice to the Gods Of Rope And Knots, some end up with multiple layers of knots. Some of the knots that were once too nice looking to kill are summarily cut off their site, to make room for another knot.

The knots on this letter opener are:

The main body of the handle is covered by a 15 Lead X 2 Bight Turk’s Head knot, doubled, in a 5/16″ utility cord. This knot and its 2 Bight kin are very handy knots to have in your ditty bag. They will choke down to cover a very small diameter object, and can be extended to the ends of your line or patience. Starting at a smallest form as 3 Lead X 2 Bight knots, they can be lengthened by repeating the basic weave to cover any length you need.

The knot on the butt end of the handle is a 6 Lead X 5 Bight Turk’s Head knot, doubled, in black paracord.

The amazing thing to me is the longevity of these knots. On reflection, the knots on two of these letter openers (the two without the lanyard) are over ten years old. They have seen steady if not daily use, and show only the slightest wear. These are “new” pictures, so this is the actual wear. This not a starlet-like perpetual youth, whereby showing only old pictures in your portfolio you look younger.

Thank you for coming to see my parade of knots. I will try to keep the march steady and keep tying new / different knots. This is one of the ways you can  return the favor — let me know if there is something you would like to see. Also please let me know if you see some way to improve my site so it serves you better. Thoughtful suggestions on how to improve my knotting skills are welcomed most of all — I live and tie knots in isolation from other people of like interest. Thanks again, I’ll see you nest time you drop by. If you see me in the parade … wave:

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