A Letter Opener With Turk’s Head Knots And A Lanyard

A letter opener with Turk's Head hand grips and a lanyard.

A letter opener with Turk's Head hand grips and a lanyard.

This is one of three letter openers I have lying around, and sometimes I can’t find any of them. To help solve this problem, I decided to put this one on a leash / lanyard. It works fine, as long as I remember to hang it up the instant I am through using it.

The knot on this one are these:

The main part of the handle is covered by a 17 Lead X 2 Bight Turk’s Head, doubled, in black paracord.

The knot that fills in as a jack-leg bolster is a 13 Lead X 11 Bight Pineapple interweave of over 2 under 2.

The butt end is capped with a 5 Lead X 3 Bight Turk’s Head knot, tripled. This not only dresses up the end of the handle, but acts to center the lanyard for a fair lead.

The lanyard is 16 inches long between knots. The knot on the end is another 5 Lead X 3 Bight Turk’s Head, also tripled. To give it more size / weight it was tied over a mouse. As is my habit, I made this mouse out of another Turk’s Head — darned if I remember its specifications, but it serves its purpose in spite of the slight to its self worth.

I have very large hands, so all this knot work is first a functional necessity. Secondarily, I think it improves the looks. But as you know by now, I also like knots more than the average man.

Thank you for coming around to look at my knots. Come back again. I try to keep the parade moving — new day,new knot:

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