A Center Punch / Window Breaker With Turk’s Head Knots For Hand Grips

A center punch with Turk's Head knot hand grips.

A center punch with Turk's Head knot hand grips.

This is a prototype for a window breaker made out of a self-acting center punch. There are two other similar tools on my site — one behind this link, and the other hiding here. The self-acting part means you don’t need a hammer to make it work — when you push the point against something hard, an internal spring and weight mechanism fires. It hits hard enough to mark hardened steel, or punch a hole through a bottle without shattering it. When you use it on tempered safety glass, it shatters into small pieces — just as the safety elves designed it.

A lady friend of My Lady Rose had some special requests for her window breaker. First she wanted to see the brass peaking out through the knots. Secondly, having weaker hands, she wanted a large knot on the butt end to push against. Thirdly, she wanted a smaller diameter knot on the shaft near the point so she could hold / aim it more easily. This is the test grip I made for her — it passed the test. I then made the grip on another punch I had, while leaving the knots on this one for reference. The job was done — then I recently found the original hiding among my other knotting things. I can only assume it did not want to be stripped of its knots and redone. You know how independent-minded tools can be.

The knots on this one are:

Starting at the point. A 2 Bight Turk’s Head knot, doubled, which runs the full length of the shaft. It was tied so that you can see the brass through the lattice of the knot.

The butt end was bulked out with a 5 Lead X 3 Bight Turk’s head, tripled. It is now visible only if you look at the tool end on.

The Turk’s Head which forms the large end of the grip is a 9 Lead X 5 Bight knot, tripled, in an off-green paracord.

One of these days I will need another window breaker / center punch to give away. Until then I will let this one keep its knots. I might tie a lanyard on it and fasten it to something solid to prevent it from running off to hide again.

Thank you for coming by my site. I hope you enjoyed it. I do appreciate any visits / comments that I get. Come back again to view the parade of knots:

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