A Turk’s Head Knot Used To Hold A Cell Phone Securely Closed

A cell phone with a Turk's Head knot as a cuff.

A cell phone with a Turk's Head knot as a cuff.

I like knots and knotting. Even if I didn’t have a real use for them — I would still tie them. When you can find a use for a knot that is also decorative, it is a plus. This cell phone is the prototypical flip-phone — this means they, among other things, saved a little too much money on the hinges. (After all we ARE supposed to trade them in every year.) Because I don’t trade them in on schedule, this hinge becomes problematic. The cuff over the closed phone takes all the stress that used to fall on the hinge. Problem solved — and I get to tie a knot that is both useful and handsome.

This knot is tied in my usual paracord, this time black. The main knot is a 5 Lead X 9 Bight Turk’s Head, doubled. The button knot is the Chinese Button knot / Sailor’s Knife Lanyard knot. This time I tied it with a single pass. I usually double these, but the single just looked right on this project.

Let me know what you think about it, or if you see any way to improve it. I am always looking for another excuse to tie knots, it may as well be useful — or maybe teach me something. Thanks for looking at my site. You are invited to return. I try to add something new on a regular basis. Your visits / comments are all greatly appreciated. See you then:

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