Another Window Breaker / Center Punch; With Turk’s Head Variants For A Hand Grip

Turk's Head variants improve the grip on a center punch.

Turk's Head variants improve the grip on a center punch.

This is another of the self-acting center punches. Because I keep this one in my ditty bag for shop use, it doesn’t have the lanyard I put on those used as escape tools. It also is wider than most of the others, because of my larger than average hand size. Mind you, if someone liked its looks and wanted it for their car, I would gladly put a lanyard on it — I can always make a new one for me, and would rather see another person a little safer.

The knots on this tool are:

Underlying all, and covering the length of the original grip, is a 2 Bight Turk’s Head — I can only guess at the Lead count — about 21 to 23?

The butt end was then capped with a 7 Lead X 3 Bight Turk’s Head — this knot covered the end of the brass handle, enlarging it for easier pushing. This knot also dressed the end of the 2 Bight Turk’s Head.

Because at this point I decided to keep this one for my use, I had to enlarge the diameter of the grip.

Starting at the point end:

The first black knot is a Spanish Ring knot of 2 passes.

The center knot is a Turk’s Head of 4 Leads X 3 Bights, tripled.

The last, and largest, knot is an 8 Lead X 7 Bight Turk’s Head, doubled.

All of this makes for what I consider to be a very much improved tool. The knots make for a hand-filling, high friction, and very secure grip. The enlarged butt end makes it easier, and more comfortable, to push hard enough to trip the mechanism. All this without interfering in the function — the prime reason for any tool to exist.

Thank you for stopping by to look at my offerings. Please come back again; your time and effort are much appreciated:

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