Another Knotting Tool: A Small Crochet Hook With A Turk’s Head Hand Grip

A knot tying hook with Turk's Head grips.

A knot tying hook with Turk's Head grips.

This is another of my tools that I adapted from things made for other purposes. There are many people who crochet and knit, but only a handful who tie knots. It is this which makes their tools so much less expensive than ours. Adapting their tools saves a lot of money and aggravation. This link is to my most used hook made in a similar fashion.

This is the smallest crochet hook I generally use. The handle is a perfect fit for me, but looks out-sized because the hook is so small. The underlying Turk’s Heads are forgotten, but appreciated anonymously for continuing service.

The visible knots are:

The major part of the hand grip starting from the hook end is a 13 Lead X 4 Bight Turk’s Head knot, tripled, in black paracord.

The white knot is a Gaucho knot tied over one of the lower layers of knots. This is for visual location of the tool as much as it is for grip. It finishes out as an 8 Lead X 7 Bight Gaucho knot of over 2 under 2 weave.

The narrow waist is intentional, and aids my work. The way that I insert, twist, then pull — is best done with this shape.

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