A Ring Shaped Lamp Pull, Made Out Of A Turk’s Head With A Pineapple Knot Interweave.

A lamp pull ring made of Turk's Head with a Pineapple interweave.

A lamp pull ring made of Turk's Head with a Pineapple interweave.

This is a lamp pull I made 10 years ago. It is on the ceiling fan light in our TV / computer room. This is the busiest room in the house and this cord has been pulled mumflemumdah times over the years. There is no supporting reinforcement inside the ring — just the knot tied in run-of-the-mill paracord.

The knot itself is a 7 lead x 13 bight Turk’s head, with a Pineapple knot interweave. It is made by the method explained at this post. The rims of the Turk’s head are worked to the center, and the body of the knot is left to find its own shape. Because it is pulled so tight that it thumps when tapped on wood, it holds its shape extraordinarily well. The lanyard is formed by leading one end of each color paracord out the side of the knot. You may leave them as long as needed, and tie them to the lamp chain with any functional / decorative knot that pleases you. After all these years this knot is finally starting to show its age — I feel I have been well repaid for the work / time / materials invested.

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