A Brad Awl Showing A Grip Made Of Layered Turk’s Head Knot

An awl with a grip of layered Turk's Head knots.

An awl with a grip of layered Turk's Head knots.

This is another of my long-serving tools. This awl is starting to show its age — the discoloration on the tip is actually the copper plating under the chrome. High friction pressure loading has worn it down over the years. The knots are also showing their age — but then, so am I.

This tool shows the normal layering of knots that occurs on my tools better than most. The first knot was a 14 Lead X 2 Bight Turk’s Head, tripled, which covered most of the metal shaft. This allowed me to choke down on the point — it also enlarged the diameter to a more comfortable size. Next came another Turk’s Head to further bulk out the top of the shaft, an 8 Lead X 2 Bight, tripled. The white knot came next, to make the shaft roughly the same diameter as the handle. It started on the shaft and overlapped the bottom of the handle. It is a 7 Lead X 6 Bight Turk’s Head, tripled. The last knot gives a better grip when I am holding the awl by the handle end. It is also a 7 Lead X 6 Bight Turk’s Head knot, doubled. These knots are added one at a time as I seem to need the improved grip. The same system is also responsible for the layered grips on my other tools — it just shows up better on this one because the length spread them out enough to see them all at once.

All these knots combine to make a tapered, high friction grip that is more comfortable to hold for long periods. It also makes it safer to use, as the lowest knot prevents over-penetration into my off hand while pushing through a knot. That is the theory anyway. Sometimes it just keeps me from going all the way through both — a time when shallower is definitely better. Because I tie most of my knots very tightly, I have to use high pressure to force my tools through the knots I am tying.

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