A Bi-Color Pineapple Knot Tied On A 2″ Round Ball

A 2" round ball covered by a Pineapple knot.

A 2" round ball covered by a Pineapple knot.

This knot was actually tied as a prototype / practice piece for a project My Lady Rose had requested. A 2″ round wooden ball makes for an excellent practice mandrel. It is a handy size knot to tie in hand, and allows you fairly wide variance in how you work the knot to finality. Because it is larger than my usual practice mandrel, it allows me to see the knot more clearly.

This knot is a Pineapple interweave worked on a 11 Lead X 10 Bight Turk’s Head knot as a base. If you look closely at the rim of the knot, you will see an oddity. Most interweaves are carried to the rim, or even beyond to become a new edge. My Lady Rose likes a more defined border on knots tied specifically for her. This knot stops one tuck short of the usual interweave. This leaves a sharply defined rim of the base knots cord. I also like this look on some things, but usually go for the more traditional right-to-the-edge look.

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