Led Flashlight Covered Under Even More Turk’s Head Variants

An LED flashlight covered in knots.

An LED flashlight covered in knots.

This is actually a modified version of a flashlight that appeared here in its first layer of knots. Because it is the light I keep at bedside, it has been victimized by having another layer of knots added.

Starting at the top:

A 3 Lead X 8 Bight Turk’s Head of 3 passes. The green ring visible just above it is the rim of the knot in the lower layer.

A 7 Lead X 6 Bight Turk’s Head knot with a herringbone interweave done in two colors of paracord.

An 8 Lead X 7 Bight Turk’s Head with an over two under two weave.

The green ring below this is part of the first layer of knots; a 7 Lead X 6 Bight Turk’s Head knot doubled, and below that a single strand of green paracord to carry the button knot.

The output end of the tube is built up by layering two Spanish Ring knots in green paracord. The knot from this layer tops the Spanish Ring knots and is a 5 Lead X 14 Bight Turk’s Head, doubled in black paracord.

All these knots increase the tube diameter by about 1″, and increase the output lens flare by about 1 1/2″. It is also about doubled in weight. I wouldn’t leave it like this for anyone else but it is a near perfect fit for my hands. Yes it has been suggested that I am part Sasquatch …. while I will admit to a problem buying shoes that fit, I am just not that hairy.

Thank you for stopping by. As always, I would like to hear your thoughtful suggestions for improving either the site or my knotting projects:

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  1. How does one learn to tie these knots

    • First I would like to thank you for visiting my site — and leaving a comment.

      Now for your question/ How do you learn to tie these knots? I learned out of a book at first, then hands on from boaters when I got older. “The Book” is the often sited “Ashley’s Book of Knots”. The next book I got was “The Encyclopedia Of Knots And Fancy Rope Work”. I now have a shelf full of assorted books but these are the main ones. My brain seems to grasp Ashley style better the Mr. Graumont’s so I usually recommend it, of course that may just be my brain.

      The most successful method of learning these knots is to find someone to teach you, hands on seems to work best. Thankfully for people who wish to learn most knot people would like nothing better than to teach a new knot / skill to someone that wants to learn. That said you can learn most, or all, that you need to learn with a good book and a piece of cord.

      The links on my page will also point you to some sites that have either on-line tutorials or willing tutors — or both. I suggest you cruise these links and pick the one that best fits your style.

      I have been considering putting up some tutorials for individual knots as well as complete project on my site. This is also open for public vote if you would like to see this let me know. Your wish is my — very strongly emphasized suggestion.

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