Jam Jar With A Turk’s Head Open Lattice-Work Knot

A jam jar with an open lattice-work Turk's Head covering.

A jam jar with an open lattice-work Turk's Head covering.

Another open lattice-work knot for My Lady Rose. I have recently been experimenting with interlacing the edges of Turk’s Head knots. The first one on one edge only, then the second on both edges of the center knot of a trio. This led me to test an idea for a slightly more elegant looking way to anchor the edges of a lattice-work. Generally you would use a seizing or a constrictor knot to anchor the ends of the lattice and keep it from creeping closed. Then you have to dress this by clapping on some decorative knot to cover the ragged ends. On this test I used two 3 Lead X 11 Bight Turk’s Head knots as end anchors. I then laced the bights of a 6 Lead X 11 Bight Turk’s Head through the near side bights on the end knots.

This is a very neat and clean looking method of making the open lattice look. One of the advantages is the overall thinness of this system. It is much more appealing to non-knot people who don’t temper their aesthetic judgements with a knowledge of the under the surface needs of knot tying. A fellow knot tyer sometimes will give you a pass because he understands the problems faced. Both views are valid.

If you see some way to make this better, please let me know. Thank you for your time and the visit:

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