Basket Made From Turk’s Head Knot

A basket made from a Turk's Head knot.

A basket made from a Turk's Head knot.

I was looking at a web site the other day, and it said that getting paracord wet would shrink it. Hot water was supposed to be more effective than cold. The shrinkage was said to range from 10% to about 15%. I had never heard of this and it got me curious. I cut some measured lengths of paracord from different spools and wet them. It was a real surprise to see the shrinkage occur at the rates quoted. This was something that I hadn’t observed using paracord for various things, including as the bow rope on a canoe.

This characteristic seemed too good to waste on self tightening clothes lines. After some thought, I made the basket pictured from a Turk’s Head knot and worked it very tightly over a bottle. I then dipped it in hot water and left it to dry in the heat given off by some electronic equipment.

When it was fully dry, I had difficulty sliding it off the bottle. When it came off it shrank slightly in size and the weave tightened up. This is a good method of making a knot that is tight enough to be handled and holds its shape better. It isn’t as sound as one treated with glue or varnish, but is surprisingly firm.

If you try this I would very much like to hear from you. Until then, thank you for your visit:

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