A Bottle Of Bitters Draped In An Open Weave Turk’s Head With A Button Knot

 A bottle with an open weave Turk's Head knot.

A bottle with an open weave Turk's Head knot.

I was gone for a while … I’m back now. We try to build these small perfect worlds on the web and get very involved. It is then that the real world takes advantage of our distraction and sneaks up to kick us — hard — with steel-toed boots. It was my turn, but it now seems as if the random pointer of fate has indexed to the next happy soul. They are now being brought back to reality while I can sink back into oblivion.

This bottle seems most appropriate for this post. A bottle of bitters draped in an open weave Turk’s Head knot finished off with a button knot. We all have to take the bitter with the sweet; this seems to fit today. The bottle did appear a little discontented on the condiment tray as the only naked bottle. It seems a little less bitter now.

My Lady Rose likes the open weave look, so it is only fair that part of the knots scattered around the house feature it. This provides the chance to learn something that I might not have if left alone to repeat my usual knots.

I shall get back on the regular schedule as soon as possible. Thank you for coming by:

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