Roses With Stem And Leaves, All Made Of Knots

The Largest Rose Blossom, Made From Knots And Only Knots

The Largest Rose Blossom, Made From Knots And Only Knots

Side View Of Roses Made Only Of Knots

Side View Of Roses Made Only Of Knots

Detail Of Rose Blossom And Leaves Made Form Knots And Braids

Detail Of Rose Blossom And Leaves Made Form Knots And Braids

And now for another completely different knot. This stem of roses was made as a hat decoration so my Lady Rose could compete in an annual best hat for the Run for the Roses party. Her horse didn’t win the Kentucky Derby that day, but her hat did, by popular acclaim.

By my self-assigned rules, when I make something like this I can’t use aids. No glue / wire / inserts or props of any kind. The cord and the parts of the cord are the only things allowed. I figure I may as well make it as fun and educational as I can.

And now ladies and gentlemen, with no mirrors, no smoke, and nothing up my arms, I present the fabled Roses Of The Orient. The roses are made from Turk’s Head knots. They start in the center with knots having few leads or bights. Each knot cups all the preceding knots and is slightly larger because of the slowly increasing count of leads and bights. The last Turk’s head was done in green to act as the sepal of the blossom that cups each rose from below. The yellow pollen also acts as a center tie down for the inner knots. The yellow twine pollen in the large bloom is still down in there somewhere, but the knots loosened with motion and jarring. The stem is made from the bundled tails that come off each leaf stalk and the center connector from the flowers. The leaves are made from plaits of various sizes and types depending on what I needed to make it look right. Most ended up being 6 or 8 strand braids, starting from the tip of the leaf and ending in a thinned-down bundle. The stem ended up larger than life, but artful posing on the hat hid most of it behind flowers and foliage. I also braided a hat band to act as an anchor but it seems to have gone walk-about since the party. The complete ensemble also had a bracelet made of some small leaves and another blossom tied onto a braided band with a loop and button closure. A Turk’s Head button served the purpose well. It is evidently holding hands with the hat band on their journey of mutual discovery. The other competitors told her she couldn’t wear it or any close approximation to future parties as it would stifle competition. Vox Populi.

Well folks tell me what you think of this one. It sure is different from the rest of my stuff. In your opinion is it better / worse / or just different? I would like to know what you think, but I do appreciate it even if you just visit and never comment. If you want more pictures of the rose, let me know. Until next time:

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