A 12 Ounce Hot Sauce Bottle Covered In Turk’s Head Variants

A 12 ounce hot sauce bottle covered in Turk's Head variants.

A 12 ounce hot sauce bottle covered in Turk's Head variants.

The parade of hot sauce bottles marches on. This one, larger than most, gives a different look from the same knots, and a little more room to play. This now dead soldier went to his reward clothed in:

On the cap, a Spanish Ring knot more for grip than looks, but looks fine.

Just below is another Spanish Ring knot, this one in black paracord to hide any drips.

On the neck is an 8 Lead X 5 Bight Turk’s Head knot, the lead doubled, in white.

The shoulders are covered by a Gaucho knot highlighted with the now familiar lightning bolt.

The next knot was actually the last tied, a slightly crowded Gaucho knot of 2 passes, to fill in the last 3/4″ gap.

The next lower knot is 3 Lead X 11 Bight Turk’s Head done in white paracord; this also carries a Chinese Button knot / Sailors Lanyard knot.

The main body of the knot is covered by a Double Gaucho knot of two passes.

With but a little space left at the bottom I managed to squeeze on another Spanish Ring knot.

Thank you for your time. Please come back:


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