Shaving Brush Topped Bottle, Covered In Turk’s Head Variants

An Unusual Knot Covered Bottle

An Unusual Knot Covered Bottle

This conglomeration of knots on a small – about 3″ tall x 1″ diameter – bottle was done to fulfill a special request for something “unusual”.

It has been a while, and like most people who should be keeping a “Knot Log”, it is observed in the breach more often than compliance.
So my best description is:

The bushy brush on the top was a tassel made with the internal fibers of a kermantle rope teased to the point of cruelty. When they started trying to fight back, I surrendered.

A mouse of some sort evened out the bumps at the neck of the bottle. This was covered by a bi-color Pineapple knot of 5 Leads X 4 Bights — for both base knot and interweave.

Next a black Turk’s Head knot of 3 Lead X murphmulmurgle Bights.

A white Spanish Ring knot.

Another black 3 Lead X ??? Bights Turk’s Head knot.

Another Turk’s Head knot, this one of 7 Leads X 6 Bights.

A bi-color Gaucho knot of 3 passes, with the lightning flash in black. This gives us ?? negative lightning ?? — anti-lightning ?? — at any rate another look than my usual, as requested. This knot was also tied so that the edges would be straight rather than the usual scalloped bights.

Just trying to keep my customers satisfied — from comments by the requester it seems to be a success.

I would like to know what you think of this unusual bottle, or anything else on the site.

Thanks for your visit, come back and see what is next on the menu:


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