A 7″ Long LED Flashlight Covered With Knots

A 7" Long LED Flashlight Covered With Knots

A 7" Long LED Flashlight Covered With Knots

The other collection of LED flashlights being complete, I went hunting for more victims to sacrifice to my illness. That is my very bad case of “amentis facere homo textus mundus com nodus”. This is the first slow and defenseless critter I could find.

The tube is thinner than the last bunch of flashlights and seems to call for a different treatment. That treatment ended up being, starting form the left end:

A bi-color 6 Lead X 5 Bight Turk’s Head knot tied in tripled paracord over a mouse of some unnamed and unsung Turk’s Head. This knot is closed over the butt of the tube, leaving only enough room to push the on-off switch.

The body of the tube is covered with 4″ of 3 strand bi-colored hitching. I have seen this same knot called grapevine hitching / French hitching / St. Andrews hitching / half-moku hitching / spiral hitching / and many others. Take your pick, no favoritism or disparagement intended. Me, I’m just somewhat confused and bemused by it all.

The last knot on the tube itself is a Spanish Ring knot in white paracord. This serves the usual dual function of grip to turn the focus ring, and dim light find-the-darn-light-quick white spot.

The fob is a short length of 3 strand braid with a diamond knot and Mathew Walker knot for finials. Depending on which end you pocket first you have either 8″ or 2″ of fob to grab.

Thank you for coming around; remember I am more than open to suggestions. I shall do my best to accommodate all requests.


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