The Mystery Guest Knot Unmasked

No pictures today. If you need to see it, or see it again, the mystery knot is here. As there have been no correct guesses as to its identity, I hereby award myself an all expense paid dream vacation to a tropical Eden. …. That means I will dream of going to some tropical Eden, but not actually go because of the expense.

This experimental base for a wreath to be covered in knotted flowers or such artsy things is a form of sinnet made on a “purse mold”. This is ABOK #2877 and the sinnet method I used is ABOK #2889, but on a ring with many more than four pegs. After close examination it looks remarkably like a crochet of some type. Of course I don’t know how to crochet so this is a guess after looking at some pictures from the web. It was in its original form a tube of tight mesh about six inches wide and six long. If placed on your forearm and worked down, it would make a tube about four inches in diameter and about a foot long. If stretched to its fullest extent and worked a little, it was about eight inches across and about four long. Rolling this into a round cross section produces the mystery knot. It is a very sturdy base knot for further explorations and extrapolations. Like a knit or crochet, if you pull on the tag end it unravels in a blurring whirl.

For folks trying to figure out a way to tote some extra paracord on their hats, if left in its original tube form and used as a four inch tall hat band, this would enable you to carry many feet of cord. You would look a little funny, but no funnier than the guys with thirty feet of paracord in a loose coil used as a hat band.

Thank you for playing “Mystery Knot” and do play again – if I ever put another up. Maybe you could win a dream vacation also. Tune in next time when I might have more pictures:

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  1. Nice blog. It is appreciated.

    • Su:

      I would like to thank you for both the comment itself as well as the complimentary content. Both are greatly appreciated. Mind you a thoughtful critique on how to make something better is also welcome but somehow the sweet flavor of a positive compliment just makes it that much better to receive.

      Thank you again, and also thanks in advance for those who may follow in your wake.

  2. Fantastic, I’ve just passed back and forth through a couple of your blog pages and it’s inspirational. You’ve got a keen eye for pairing up colours and patterns of different knots, particularily on those bottles of hot sauce.

    Sometimes when I hit a creative dry spell, it helps to get exposed to other people’s creations. Thanks a lot 🙂

    You’re in my knotwork bookmarks now!

    • Dave:

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my site, I truly appreciate it. The fact that you not only took the time to comment but that your comment is complimentary just makes it that much better.

      Thanks again:

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