LED Flashlight #03 Covered In Turk’s Head Knot Variants



Next in the collection of LED flashlights, one of two I made with myself in mind. This means mainly that I made sure the outside diameter of the grip was large enough to fill my larger than average hands. It also includes the slightly open weave on the pineapple knot.

Years ago, while upside down in a bilge under 18″ of water, I had to try to clear a stopped up pump. The water had flooded the engine room, and so had a scum of oil and grease floating on top of it. The “guarantied to work under 90′ of water” flashlight I had kept blinking out when submerged so I had to shake it violently to keep it lit. The handle had a nice looking and perfect feeling grip knot that worked well when dry or wet. When it got slicked over with the oil / grease slush it was incredibly hard to hold, and a hazard to crew and vessel as it tried to fly out of my hand when I shook it. After experimenting, I settled on the open weave knots that I make on some grips. The spaces give the slush a place to go, and the seperated strands of the knot clean off spots on your hands like a tire tread cleans spots on the road. The result under extreme conditions is a slimey but firm grip on the tool. Your immediate problem is solved and you can clean off the grease / blood / fish guts or whatever later.

The knots on this one starting at the left end are:

A mouse covered by a 7 lead X 6 bight Pineapple knot of the larger diameter and the open weave noted above. The 2nd color interweave is the same as the base knot.

A 9 lead X 5 bight Turk’s Head doubled in black paracord. From this, a dependant button knot is used as a location indicator and grip enhancer.

The end knot is a Spanish Ring knot of 1 pass.

I still haven’t figured out anything to do with the butt cap that acts as a lanyard attachment point, battery compartment access, and a place for the end mounted switch. Suggestions?

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