Carrick Bend Choker Made With Paracord

A carrick Bend Choker

A carrick Bend Choker

This knot was one of the rare requests I get for special knots. A theme party seemed to call for this choker, or maybe she was just being nice and chose to read it that way. One of life’s little lessons (that means I learned it the hard way): when someone is going out of her way to be nice in one of these >little< ways, let them. To not do so is an insult to their thoughtful considerations. Because I had already learned this lesson, and because the request came from My Lady Rose, I jumped at the chance.

The basic design is the standard spaced carrick bends with alternating lead entries so that it lies flat, instead of spiraling. The latch was made with a button knot on one side, and a loop with slide closure on the other. It was well recieved at the party and has been worn since, a good sign. As lagniappe if you can wear it around your throat, you may usually wear it around your wrist as a bracelet if you use two full wraps laying beside each other with the catch on the bottom.

This design also makes an excellent hat band if “made to fit” with no closure. It also makes an excellent belt for women’s casual wear. In some of the older knotting books I have seen, they also recommend it for casual wear by men. I am a sport but I have never been that big of a sport, even when hanging around boats where such things are given extra leeway.

Your thoughts on this or anything else on this site are always greatly appreciated.
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  1. How did you tie them together. I keep trying but i can’t figure out how to make a series of them.

    I made the first no problem uhg! help please!

    • Lexi:

      First I wold like to thank you for leaving a comment.

      The not-so-secret secret to making this series of knots is to make them all from one long piece of cord. That way, there are no connections or ends to hide. If you look closely, you will see that the knots are made in an alternating pattern. If the cord leaves one knot by passing over the cord it enters the next knot by going under. If it is done this way, the combination lies flat. If all the knots are tied the same “hand” so they look alike, they will end up spiraling and about the only way to make them lie flat is to nail them to a board.

      If you take a piece of the cord you would like to use and tie two of the knots, one of each hand, you can then get a good estimate of the total amount you will need for your project. Double the cord and use the loop on that end as half of the fastener, and it will make a neater looking project. You should also make sure that the spacing between the knots is even, as this is very easy to spot on the finished project. You can ease the knots along the cord by working the slack through the knot as if you were tightening it.

      I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please let me know and I’ll try to answer them.


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