LED Flashlight #02, Covered in Turk’s Head Knots

LED Flashlight #02, Covered IN Turk's Head Knots

LED Flashlight #02, Covered IN Turk's Head Knots

This is the next piece in my LED collection. Starting from the left / lens end:

A 7 Lead X 6 Bight Turk’s Head in single paracord.

A Pineapple knot tied with a nested pair of 5 Lead X 4 Bight Turk’s Head knots.

A Spanish Ring Knot.

A 6 Lead X 5 Bight Turk’s Head knot in doubled paracord.

PPPPP: Between the last two knots I had to squeeze in a single strand of paracord to carry the button knot – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance – or so they used to tell me.

I have also solved the question of the knot that I thought might be some offshoot of a blind date between a  Turk’s Head knot and a Headhunter knot. It is a Gaucho knot of two passes with an over 2, under 2,over 2, under 2, weave. I tie my knots in hand and somehow had started including my method as part of the definition of a knot and its name. This knot was tied differently than I tied my Gaucho knots, and therefore I assumed that it wasn’t / couldn’t be a Gaucho knot. I put a Gaucho knot of 4 passes on another hot sauce bottle and the light came on; after vivisection, the structure of both knots was verified as being the same. When I tied the questioned knot by my Gaucho method, it not only came out the same, but it was easier to tie. I will never do it the old way again! I do still like the knot though, it fills up one of my which-knot-will-take-up-this-much-space problems. I also particularly like its looks when doubled once or twice; I guess I still like that traditional look.

I have a question: does all this information make for a better experience, or is it too much of an unneeded thing? Would you rather look at the pictures unencumbered by the reading? After all, you could ask in a comment if you need to know about one knot. Let me know your preference and it shall be done.

Thank you for stopping by and for all this reading:


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  1. I’ve recently begun the plunge into the knot-tying world, and personally, I find the accompanying text to be informative. One benefit to the text from a learner’s standpoint, is that I can look at the pictures, trying to name the knots, and then read the text to confirm. I also enjoy that I can see which knots work for different diameters.

    Thank you very much

    • Ann_Onymous:

      I would like to thank you for the time and effort it took to read my site, and especially for leaving a comment. I appreciate the information greatly.

      If there is anyway I can make the site work better for you please let me know. Also if there is anything in particular that would help you in your new venture into “the wonderful world of knots and ropes”, let me know and I shall try to help.

      Thank you again. Come back and watch the parade of knots, I’ll wave if I see you:

      P.S.: A very punny name, nice.

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