LED Flashlight # 01, Covered in Turk’s Head Knots.

LED Flashlight #01_Covered In Turk's Head Variants.

LED Flashlight #01_Covered In Turk's Head Variants.

This surprisingly bright LED flashlight is about 4″ long by 1″ at its broad end. Like all things that fall to hand, are about this size and won’t be harmed or rendered useless by it, it is now covered in Turk’s Heads. It survived a whole 3 days before I discovered its hiding place, roughed it and cuffed it and covered it in knots.

The knot covering the major part of the tube is one of my standards, a 13 Lead X 4 Bight Turk’s Head in doubled paracord. The short lanyard with the Button knot acts as a locator and grip enhancement. If you hold the light with that cord between your two middle fingers and the button on the outside of your fist, it makes it very secure,and lines the end of the light up with the end of your hand.

The white paracord knot that covers the rest of the tube and acts as a dim light finder is another standard, a 7 Lead X 9 Bight knot with an over 2, under 2, over 2, under 2 weave. A Turk’s Head of some sort, possibly of the Headhunter family; beats me – I just like it.

The cap was left un-knotted only because anything I could figure out how to put on it would have interfered with its use. It is a combined end-cap, lanyard anchor point and push switch. I haven’t given up on it, but I am stalled.

More to come in this collection. Come back as I put them up over the next few days.

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