Barber’s Pole In Black & White

Barber's Pole Pineapple Knot Based On 7 Lead By 2 Bight Turk's Head

Barber's Pole Pineapple Knot Based On 7 Lead By 2 Bight Turk's Head

A Pineapple knot cheat based on Bruce Grant’s, however long you like it by 2 bight Turk’s Head knot.

I first learned how to tie knots from Ashley’s, and from crewing on other people’s boats. There was always lots of competition for crew slots, and having an extra talent often meant the difference between getting a berth and standing on the dock. Me, I learned to cook and tie knots. It also sometimes meant the difference between scraping bottom paint and some sort of marlinspike work. You have not lived until you have scraped the bottom of a boat that has grown an 1 1/2″ thick layer of various forms of sea life. You won’t eat fish for a month.

Much of my early crewing was on classic wooden boats, so I like the traditional look when it comes knots. Or at least I used to – more and more I find myself tying two-toned graphic knots. Part of this is because my local audience doesn’t know traditional from op-art. They just know what they like, and you know what, I have grown to like it too.

Let me know what you think; after all I am here to get input from a broader audience; You.
Thank you for coming by:

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