Detail Of A Gaucho Knot Of 3 Passes Worked On A Bottle

Detail Of Gaucho Knot With 3 Passes On Bottle

Detail Of Gaucho Knot With 3 Passes On Bottle

The Gaucho knot with a lightning bolt in a contrasting color has become one of my favorites. It makes a bottle easy to pick out in dim light and is boldly graphic in regular light. Like almost all of my knots, I tie these in hand and then work them into place in their final home. This does lead to an occasional dilemma; I will tie a knot with no end use in mind and then decide it is too good to waste. Off I go is search of something to put it on. The problem is having tied it in hand, it is about the same size as most knots I tie with no target in mind. Everything in my house that is about that size and isn’t fixed at both ends already has a knot. That is how I got in the habit of using perfectly good Turk’s Heads as a mouse, covered with today’s choice of the “better knot” and never to be seen again. Some of these structures are three layers deep at this point.

I know that I like them – after all they are my children, the fruit of my labors. Living so far out in the country that the sun comes up between me and town I have no other input. I need to know what you think. How can I improve my skills and tie better knots without your thoughts? I would greatly appreciate hearing what you think, be it glowing praise or constructive critique.

Thank you for coming by even if you don’t feel like leaving a comment. I do appreciate every visit, as even that is input of a type.


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