Hot Sauce Bottle With Green & White Turk’s Head Variants and A Button Knot

A Hot Sauce Bottle With Green & White Turk's Head Variants

A Hot Sauce Bottle With Green & White Turk's Head Variants

Not wanting to be outdone, the condiment bottles had a meeting to select one of their members for the contest. Having lost that fight, this bottle did not want the shame of losing another to a plastic container of foul tasting medicines. It is dressed in a head-to-toe series of Turk’s Head Knots and their variants, eager for the competition.

Joking aside, this bottle has received compliments from users for the feel of the bottle in hand, as well as its looks. The knot on the shoulders has another of my unconventional interweaves that cover only the bottom part of the base Turk’s Head. This allows for a taper that follows the slope of the bottle very well and doesn’t need to be trapped between the two knots on either side to prevent it form scrunching down the slope and ending up as the knot on the neck. The Pineapple knot that covers up the major part of the lower bottle seems to need a little something, but what it is I don’t know. I stared at this one for a long while trying to decide if I should strip that knot off and redo it. I couldn’t think of a better replacement, so it won by default.

I am very interested in your thoughts on how I could have improved this bottle. Thank you for your visit.

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