Medicine Bottle # 10 Covered By A Turk’s Head Knot With A Herringbone Interweave

Medicine Bottle #10 With Herringbone Knot Covering The End

Medicine Bottle #10 With Herringbone Knot Covering The End

We have finally made it to double digits in the medicine bottle set. This was a relatively rare one with the end covered by the knot. This is more in keeping with the old time nautical bottles which were covered for protection first, and looks second. Sometimes they were very attractive; at others the appearance was actually unconsidered. I tend not to cover the ends, because most of them will be used to some degree and a stable seat is more important than trying to protect a cheap plastic bottle from damage. I do cover them occasionally just for the experience, but if I decide to use it, I may remove it and put on a knot that covers only the sides. This one came out very well, and I had my camera out for other things, so it got a shot or two.

On the functional side of things, the herringbone knots provide an excellent grip while still feeling nice in hand. Some of my covering knots end up being so “grippy” that they could be very uncomfortable if applied to a boat’s wheel. Mind you, your hands wouldn’t slip, but on a cold, wet day, it would be a rough trick at the wheel.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this or any thing else knotty. Thank you for coming by:


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