Gaucho Knot of 3 Passes — Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet_Gaucho Knot of 3 Passes

Cuff Bracelet_Gaucho Knot of 3 Passes

A Gaucho Knot of 3 passes that I made as a cuff bracelet for a friend. She slips it on over her hand and then by massaging it with her off hand it is made to fit her wrist. The knot widens while shrinking in diameter. Reverse this and it slips off. The coin is a U.S. quarter, just under 1 inch in diameter.

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  1. I’m impressed, this is beautiful. I am getting started on “knotting” hope I’ll get to know so much someday :-).
    Thanks for blogging.

    • Elisabet:

      Thank you for coming by my site, and taking the time to comment. A compliment gets a special thanks — forthwith delivered.

      Good luck on your new hobby, it is one that has served me well many long years. Let me know if you need some hints, I’ll do what I can.

      Drop back by from time to time, in addition to my normal parade of knots I’m starting a link review & referral page.


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