Hello, my name is William. Welcome to my world of knots and ropework. I made this site because I live and tie knots in isolation from outside input by people who know this craft. I need your help. While I wouldn’t turn down any compliments, the reason for putting this site up is so that others may offer critique and guidance on how I can improve my skills. Thank you for looking and for leaving your comments

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  1. Hello, I stumbled across your blog and you are definatley talented. Turks Heads and interweaves aren’t the eisiest to learn. There are quite a few fellow knotyers on the web, most of whom can be found at They also have an impressive tutorial section for lots of different stuff. I to found Mass’s take on the globe knot interesting. Don Burhuss uses the same method and has published a globe knot “cookbook”. His website is He has very well planned TH mandrels as well. Hope to see more of your work. Laurie (journey2605 on khww)

    • Laurie Morrel:

      Thank you for the time, trouble, and thought it took to leave a comment. The fact that it is complimentary just makes it sweeter. A thoughtful critique is excellent be it complimentary or not; positive ones just seem easier to take somehow.

      What talent I do have is courtesy of long years of a knotting affliction / obsession. When people who own classic wooden sailboats, with all that entails, tell you that you tie too many knots you know you are approaching the veil. Thank you also for the information about; I shall stop by for a visit.

      Hope to here from you again. Drop by any time and feel free to bring your friends:

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